Iterative Solution

10 Greycoat Place, London SW1P 1SB

We provide services and support that are a blend of world class technologies and software solutions that are tailored for each customer needs. We evaluate the individual characteristics of customers’ requirements, by fully mapping the existing situations and understanding the future requirements to model a staged solution that enables customers to implement the most immediate needs swiftly and then build around the working process to achieve the final solution iteratively with the capability of adapting to the future requirements.

Our solutions enables applications running on multiple platforms (Xbox, Playstation, Smart TV, Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, wearable devices, android/IOS, and IoT) to be able to communicate with each other and collaboratively complete tasks. Our software environment facilitates the applications running on various platforms to discover each other and also to exchange information.

We are specialised in integrating AI (Artificial Intelligence) into the software applications running on mobile, tablet, Smart TV, TV boxes, and IoT (Internet of things) devices. We are specialised in introducing computer vision technologies to upgrade the existing device applications to bring the software applications and systems to the next level.

We help our customers to implement a world class and practical software development and delivery process that are tailored to each customer’s situations and specific requirements.

We also provide IT training courses with the aim of applying the knowledge to the actual use cases that the customers are facing from the day one. We help to analyse the requirements and use cases, and then help to design and implement them using the technologies that are most appropriate. We ensure trainees gain the actual working experience as they are learning new technologies.

Why choose us

We pride ourselves in requirement-oriented iterative solutions, tailoring the world class technologies into the specific customer needs by closely studying the customer requirements and specific situations instead of rigidly applying technologies and then having to customising it later on as problem arises because of the unique situations that the customer faces.

We design and implement the solutions from the start that facilitates the inter communications between applications running on different devices and platforms that ranges from the house hold devices to the mobile phones, tablets and Iot (Internet of things).

We introduce AI (Artificial Intelligence) and computer visions technologies to produce intelligent and sophisticated systems and software.